Saturday, November 05, 2005

New York City

I made it safe and sound back to the US of A. I thought I would just sleep last night, but Hollis and I went to meet friends at a party on the Lower East Side and ended up staying until daybreak. Oops.

I've tried to explain to people what İstanbul was like, but I think I write stories better than I tell them. I figure I'll put together an article in the next week or two and then shop it out to various magazines. İstanbul has been in the papers a lot the past month [Newsweek, NY Times, Condé Naste, National Geographic Traveler], but my version of the city is a bit different ... I'll give them ageing gigolos, rent boys and circuit boys, melancholic Kurds, Western sexual imperialists and heart-broken ex-pats, working class Gypsy boys looking for a nice transvestite to marry, Englishmen on the skids, an unsolved mystery, the Russian mafia, gay Anatolian farmboys trying to make it in the city, and high-society Turks discretely entertaining guests in their walled Ottoman gardens.

Condé Naste it ain't.

Tonight we are off to the Roxy. All the times I've been to NYC, and I've never been to the big clubs.

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