Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And yet another attack on democracy

I'm in complete shock that the President has now militarized our border with Mexico. Are we now at war with them too? The loudest outcry from Congress seems to be from those who worry that we might stress the National Guard. Nothing about the fact that we are not a police state, that Mexico is an ally, and that the poor and hungry masses are not a threat to national security.

I'm approaching a state of near-complete political numbness. Each week the news tells us of some new obscenity coming out of Washington, and I can't even recall most of them any more.

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Alastair said...

Well whether or not it constituted a "new obscenity coming out of Washington" is, I suppose, a matter of subjective opinion but I - alongside, I daresay, at least a few million of my fellow countrymen - was jolted out of a similar "political numbness" yesterday by your President's series of incredibly rude remarks about my Prime Minister's physical appearance. The fact that Mr Bush chose to do so at a joint press conference with Mr Howard on the occasion of an official state visit by the latter was, to put it mildly, bizarre.

Now don't get me wrong: I bitterly oppose just about everything Mr Howard stands for. And I have certainly seen more handsome men. But to give credit where credit is due, he is by and large a gentleman and, as such, is usually courteous and polite. Although it is a matter of almost universal agreement in Australia that your President is a pig-ignorant, fuckwitted, lying cunt who one hopes will soon ooze back into the primordial swamp from which he has never fully emerged, we would be rather shocked if our Prime Minister told him so to his face ... even in private, let alone in front of an international audience.

Whilst Mexico might be your ally, we've been given to understand that Australia is your country's "mate" and that's why Private Kovco's 26 year old body recently came back from Iraq - eventually - in a box. If this is the manner in which your President speaks to the elected representative of a mate, I can only assume that his diplomacy will soon see other 26 year old Australian bodies coming back in boxes from Iran. Like fuck it will!!!

I beseech you, Messrs Booth, Guiteau, Czolgosz and Oswald - appoint your heir ... and quickly too!