Friday, June 08, 2007

Let Them Drown

I'm still here. Been spending my days practicing hard. Our canoe has placed second to last in both regattas so far. I've been cranking up my training this week ... I'll frikkin pull the boat over the finish line myself if I have to. I want to win. I'm so rarely competetive, but paddling brings it out in me.

Beth and Ron were out last week, and it was great having them. They kept pretty busy - we hit the best of the island between the sushi, art, surfing, beach, waterfalls, & music. Hopefully they'll pass on a good report & more family will trek out here.

Meanwhile, in the big ugly mainland, the Senate just heard testimony from evangelicals on climate change, as reported in the Christian Post. There's almost too much wrong with the article to even summarize, from the fact that the Senate turned to the Bible for advice on science to the criticism of leaders trying to tie together Christianity with stewardship of the earth. I had to post when the article ended with this shocker:

Letter signers had accused Cizik of misrepresenting evangelicals when he spoke on global warming as if they were united on the issue and that his advocacy was detracting attention from more important issues such as abortion and same-sex unions.

Because apparently stopping me from getting laid is more important than stopping the polar ice caps from melting.

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