Monday, January 09, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

Some Reasons I won't be seeing Brokeback Mountain anytime soon ...

- Everyone tells me I must see it. I hate this kind of hype, and I hate being told I must see or do anything.

- The second sentence out of everyone's mouth [after you must see it] is the cinematography is wonderful. Yawn. This is as deadly as telling me that the special effects are amazing. I don't go to movies for cinematography or CGI. I go for good stories.

- The third sentence is usually well, you should see it for political reasons. And this one almost works with me. Sure, I want to see homos in the movies. I want these kinds of movies to succeed. But why this flic? Why not Capote? It was complex, disturbing, powerful, superbly acted and written, and tres tres gay. So You Think You Can Dance was the gayest show in network television history, yet it was ignored by the velvet mainstream.

- If this were a straight love story I would have absolutely zero desire to see it.


I might see it. I might even like it. But I'll wait until the hype dies down a bit.

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