Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Day in the Life

So this what happens at work: I take calls from someone who has bought a parcel of land in the Conservation District. They are upset because we make it so hard for them to develop the land. It's so pretty, they tell us. And it's just a wilderness. There's nothing there. It's not all developed and ugly like Waikiki. Why can't I build a house there?

One day I'm gonna snap, and spell it out for them: The reason it's so pretty is because we don't let people build random houses there. I'm not fighting to preserve the land so wankers from the mainland can come in and build their dreamhouse there.

Sometime I think people with money have never heard the word no before.

In other news: I started taking yoga after a chiropractor told me my neck and hips were each ten degrees too far forward. I bike commute, so the neck strain was obvious. I'll have to ponder where the hip strain comes from.

Sumner is having a Mykonos reunion Easter weekend, and I want to try and recreate the rabbit stifado Dawn and I had in Samos. I couldn't find rabbit anywhere here [except the Humane Society], so ended up ordering it online from D'Artagnan in New York. I went ahead and splurged, and ordered a slab of wild boar bacon and some venison sausage as well. And now I'm hungry.

And the sewer spill has claimed it's first casualty: A surfer fell into the Ala Wai on Friday and now flesh-eating bacteria is consuming him. He's not expected to survive.

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Steve Cain said...

Your job is vital because there are wankers from the mainland (and elsewhere) who would despoil everything.