Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Who's Out There?

I checked out SiteMeter today to see who was visiting. I don't get names, but I can tell city of origin, and what site sent them here.

Most of the links were 'unknown.' The next chunk were obvious - family, friends, referrals from Big Muscle, and referalls from blogspot's random site selection button.

Close to half the visitors, though, came here through Google searches - and what searches they were. My favorites of the bunch:
  • 131s man photo album
  • "puerto vallarta" guadalajara boys hustlers
  • bala shark swimming upside down
  • "ideal male proportions"
  • student virgin photo
  • malik joyeux tattoo
  • adult kids
  • switzerland chat
  • "boiled lamb shank" market ankara
  • turkish women & twinks from istanbul pics
  • lydia gilbert witch
  • what do shovelmouth catfish eat
  • iranian beauties at antalya beach
  • virgin mary travel
They all left without a trace or comment, and there's no way for me to write back to find out if they found this all more interesting than Iranian beauties and Guadalajara boy hustlers. Too bad ...if I stumble on either I could've let them know.

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