Friday, July 28, 2006


Finished the Fire Buffer plans for work today, which felt good. In a nutshell, it offers people a way to recreate native dryland forests in the islands in the form of creating fire buffers. If the plans survive the public meetings and DLNR review and the Board and the legislature - and if they work like I want them to - we whould have a great new way to promote community stewardship of lands in the Conservation District.

It'll be my first law i Hawai`i! [although technically they'll be an Adminstrative Rule, and today I'm not just a bill and I'm not sitting on capitol hill, and I know I'll be a subsection of HAR Section13-5 some day - at least I hope and pray that I will].

Chez Moi: R. moves out tonight or tomorrow. Not sure where. I felt a pang of guilt and deleted some of my more incriminating posts.

I went for a walk in the rain this evening. Mostly because I must act out on every cliche that crosses my mind. It wasn't even much of a rain. It was more of a thick warm tropical mist, the last dissipating remnants of the Hurricane.

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