Sunday, July 23, 2006


And so he moved out. Now it's just me, four cats, and lots of fish.

I wimped out when the morning came. He was packing, but had no where to go. And in the end I couldn't do it. I couldn't make someone homeless. I was still to angry to say much, but I stayed cool long enough to talk to him about his drinking. It was an intervention of one.

He'll get help, don't worry about how, but refuses AA. He's lost jobs, friends, and me, and he's one step away from being homeless. I guess that's still not the bottom.

I hung out with MJ on Lewers tonight. One of the local street people came up, all smiling and happy. He had two full bottles in a brown paper bag. He pointed to his shopping cart, where he had close to a full pizza he got from the dumpster, and most of a pack of smokes. He started laughing at his luck. We wished him a good night.

It didn't seem right to maintain a bad mood in light of that. But there's a sadness here that will take awhile to kick. We did this almost exactly a week ago. Evil drunk words from him, a closed heart from me, & he packed his bags and was gone.

This time I'm not letting him move back in.

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