Thursday, May 03, 2007

up from the underground

I guess something really hip can't stay down in the underground forever. I was bounding around IMDb & saw that Neil Gaiman has three films in production - two based on his work, Stardust and Coraline, and he's doing the screenplay for Beowulf.

He's one of only two current authors (Michael Chabon is the other) who I really follow. I'm pretty sure I've read most everything by both of them. No one else comes close (Jeffrey Eugenides has potential after one good and one drop dead brilliant novel, I want to read more by David Mitchell, and Ian McEwan could've of been a contender but so much of his work feels redundant).

And now Gaiman's going Hollywood. Maybe. I hope he survives the transition, and that his movie work has the same magic and edginess that his graphic and written work have. But I have my doubts. And beyond that, I feel a little selfish: I don't want to share him with the unwashed masses.

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