Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Home sweet (stupid) home

I want to blog about Atlanta. I actually took notes. I have some adventures to tell about DC. I still need to clean up the wedding photos. But what's on my mind is - why does Hawai`i attract such dumb-ass people?

I used to get mad when I heard mainlanders go off on how dumb people were in Hawai`i. I heard it a lot. But the sad truth is, we don't attract the best and the brightest. Most of them flee. Today I've been told by a now-former friend that I'm ignorant for not accepting the Celestine Prophecy. A co-worker became worried when I told her a neighbor was HIV+. I almost lost my shit when she asked what would happen if we drank out of the same glass. A top gov't official gave me his pastries at lunch. He couldn't eat them, he said, because he was diabetic. He kept the plate of greasy noodles, spam, hotdogs, meatjun, and other fried things that he was working on. No worries there, mate. I asked.

There's a lot to love about the islands. There was a lot that I don't like about the mainland [the casual racism in Atlanta, the lack of rhythm in anyone in Asheville]. But I got to meet a lot of smart, interesting, and handsome men ... and they seem to be in awful short supply these days in the islands.

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