Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back to Life

At 6pm today it will be exactly five weeks since I've had any nicotine in my body. It's only been the past couple days that I've felt remotely human. This is the longest I've made it in ... dunno. Maybe a decade. I've kind of quit before, but cheated on the weekends, or worn the patch on and off. This has been the real thing

And damn. I've been functional, but only. I did maintenance work outs and was social if I had to be, but for the most part I've spent the past month keeping to myself, working on my Spanish, and playing with the kittens.

I finally snapped out of it ... I hope. Last Friday I wandered first Friday with Dawn. We spent most of the night at Du Vin, the new bar on Nu`uanu. It's a cool place, and we ended up there last night as well. Sunday met Roy, Ron, and the new forester on the beach to watch the Moloka`i Hoe crews come in. Sunday night I made paella in my new pan, and had Ron, Roy, and Giovanni over. The paella was ok, not great ... but it was the first time I've had folks over for dinner in ages.

I've started to hit the gym hard, too. No more maintenance work-outs - I have to get ready for the men in Puerto Vallarta. I hit 199 on the scales yesterday. I might actually pass 200 for once.

This weekend is looking like a big one - it'll be my first major weekend out since I was in the mainland. Shoots, the whole month looks big. Kurt turns 40 on Friday, and wants to do a downtown pub crawl. Saturday is the Center's fundraiser and then Johhny & Bob's party. Sometime midweek Russ should arrive, and then the weekend after we head to Kona for the Iron Man. The Film Festival starts the same weekend, and I'm hoping to volunteer more hours this year.

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