Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Politics II

The hearings are continuing this morning, and finally things are becoming clear. Yesterday things were looking like a witch hunt - the senators were jumping over Peter Young for every little things. Some I understood - Historic Preservation is a mess thanks to political meddling, and the Bureau of Conveyances is under investigation by the Attorney General. Neither were really Peter's fault, and things were getting ugly for no apparent reason.

Of course, we didn't know what went on last week when the Senate recieved closed door testimony from BOC employees they had sub-poenaed (or rather, we weren't supposed to know ... a little birdy told me a few things).

So now this morning it's all coming out - Corruption with a capital C, right here in River City. My little whistleblower friend said that Peter was going down, and it looks like he is. The accusations are that private companies had back-door access to a computer with state documents, and that the private companies had the power to alter those documents. Now it's a matter of who knew what and when, and whether admin turned the investigation over to the attorney general in time.

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