Friday, April 13, 2007

Videos Going Up

I borrowed Dawn's camera to get the photos off my busted camera, and am starting to post them. I took three videos. In the first, we meet our camels for our trek in Wadi Rum ... and learn that, while they don't spit, they can be very, very vocal when they aren't happy.

In the second, Billy shows us how to ride a camel in style ...

And the third comes from my final night in Paris. The sun was going down, and I didn't want to go home yet. I stumbled upon a band playing under a Roman arch. They were kind of funky and groovy, so I stopped to dance along. There were banners that I didn't understand at the time ... something along the line of "Springtime will come when Sarkozy leaves" and "Sarkozy: 2007-2011. We won't survive." Attendees were passing out flowers to the crowd.

Well, I'm all for springtime, flowers, and jazz, so when it turned out that the band was part of a protest I joined the march. After a few blocks the cops stopped us (and my first thought was: Yeay! Barricades! Viva La France!). That's when I noticed the ACT-UP PARIS stickers on all the protest signs - and so when they called for us to do a die-in in the middle of the arrondissiment I happily obliged. Luckily there were no arrests - it was only day three of my vacation.

I learned later that Sarkozy is running for the Presidency and has been courting the far-right in an effort to undermine Le Pen. In other words: he's le trash.

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