Friday, October 12, 2007

The Domino Effect

The governor requested that the legislature open a special session to allow the Super Ferry to operate while an EIS is being prepared.

If they open the session, they will also need to begin the confirmation hearings on Department of Land and Natural Resources' interim chair Laura Thielen.

The last DLNR confirmation hearings, on Peter Young, got very messy. He was eventually rejected.

The cultural groups will be able to use the hearings to once again push for changes in Historic Preservation. They should be even more appalled and active than normal after this morning's story on the Lahilahi incident. Live at Five stories showcasing children's bones left on the beach because DLNR and the City couldn't get their shit together tends to rile people up.

My money says: no way will the legislature open session when people are this mad. The Super Ferry is dead.

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