Friday, October 05, 2007

Rapd Cycling

One minute I'm psyched and ready to go, blasting the music and feeling almost giddy. The next I'm picturing massive waves and a canoe hurtling at me while I dive for safety.

I'm packed. Eight more hours and I'll meet Jake in Waikiki, and join the carpool to the airport. I've got six power gels, two bags of poi (I'll share), two cans of Starbucks double-espresso and cream (I won't share), a bag of candied ginger, a bag of cashews, two packs of power-blocks, and a bag of all-natural (right down to the stevia sweetener) electrolyte powder. I have them scattered in variuos pockets, with the idea being: where ever I am, there will be food.

I could have trained more. I shouldn't have smoked last weekend. I should have done more aerobics. And gotten more sleep. And had less tequila. & so on, ad nauseum. I am where I am, and I am ready to go.

It is rare that I live so much in the moment. Right now I can hardly see past Sunday.

Next stop is the Crossing.

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