Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lost Dip

I've been scouring the net for this dip recipe. With the right tomatoes and cheese it's awesome. I made it a couple years ago, loved it, then lost it. This is why I need to post recipes here when I like them.
  • 1 small bunch fresh basil leaves, stems removed
  • 4 oz partially sundried tomatoes, plus 3 Tbsp of the marinade oil
  • 4 oz sheep's milk feta
  • 6.5 oz marinated artichoke hearts, drained
  • 4 T mayonnaise, homemade
  • 1 Tbsp capers (optional)
Blend it all in the cuisinart.
Quick catch up ... I've been a total sloth passing two weeks now. I say to myself, no drinking, no smoking, go to the gym. Then I head home, pour a glass of wine, and crash on the couch with a cigarette.

I didn't smoke yesterday, and haven't today, so hopefully I'm over the hump.

Hollis was out at Kalani Honua last weekend. He loved it - everyone I know who stayed there loves it - but spending a week in the jungle with a bunch of naked hippies paying big money to smoke their way to enlightenment sounds like hell to me. The owner actually has close to fifty volunteers running the place for him - they're even building him cabins on the rift zone which he is planning to sell to more Californians and New Yorkers.

Back to Honolulu - Hollis came in for a few nights after playing wildman in Puna. It was good hanging with him again. I took him hiking up Ka`au Crater. I forgot that he was still a New Yorker at heart - it was a rough hike for him! I'd warned him that it would be an adventure, that we'd be climbing a mountain and playing GI Jane and using ropes to get up waterfalls & that it might take close to five hours. I guess he didn't realize that I was being literal.

The last night we cruised Waikiki, then put him on a plane in the early morning back to New York.

Our last neighborhood board meeting went well - probably because MM wasn't there to instigate trouble. We did have a UH Professor of Engineering deliver a shockingly misleading report on mass transit, bordering on the unethical. It was full of false correlations and unwarranted assumptions. I need to look up his name and post a rebuttal.

And I was wrong about the legislature. They convened the special session on the Superferry. The big boss's confirmation hearing will be Tuesday. We've been hearing mixed stories about how rough they'll be with her. I'm done trying to guess what will happen, so I'll just watch, wait, and see. Whichever way it goes, it should be a tense and exciting week.

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