Friday, January 18, 2008

24 Shots of Egypt

I tried to keep this to a Top Ten, but failed.
I'll get the bulk of the photos up this weekend. Maybe.

"Camp" in the Sinai: Trying to warm up after a hellacious night.Our Camp Photographer
Somewhere in the Sinai: Bedouin Guides
Mount Sinai: Where I discover that there's not much air at 7500 feet.
Deir el Bahri: Looking down on the Temple of Hatshepsut
Ain Hudra Oasis, Sinai: Home to five families
Sinai: Climbing a dune
Sinai: Our guide and driver
Sinai: View from a desert cave
Kom Ombo: View from the train window
Medinet Habu: Ramses smiting his enemies
Medinet Habu: My favorite temple by a long shot
Qurna: Wheat fields outside my bedroom, Marsam Hotel
Karnak: A football-field sized field of stone papyrus reeds
Outside Cairo: A river of human waste
Outside Cairo: Daughters of an artist outside her studio
Outside Cairo: Preserving traditional crafts
Aswan: A fisherman tending his nets on the banks of the Nile
Across the railroad tracks, East of Aswan: Wrestling with the kids
The View from the Bab Zuweila Minaret, Fatimid Cairo: Collapsing from the topBeit el-Suhami, Fatimid Cairo: Ottoman Dining Room
Saqqara: Imhotep designed the first true pyramid for King Djoser
Giza: Camel in front of the Sound and Light Show set
Giza: Cops

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