Monday, January 14, 2008

Munich II

This place is so damn civilized it is going to leave me in a daze. Everything we fight for in Hawaii, and everything the public insists will never work, works here. And they work fine.

The center of town is dominated by people, not cars.

You can grab a glass of wine in the park and enjoy it without being arrested. Although it is not quite wine. It's gluhwein, which is warm and spicy and spiked with what tastes like rum. I also tried grog, at a stand outside and on the street.

The main roads all have light rail running down the middle, and bike lanes running alongside the sidewalk.

For dinner I stopped at a pork shop. For 3.5 euro I got a plate of grilled sausage and a pile of potato salad. You eat standing up around small tables, then bring your dishes to the kitchen. So cheap, but top quality.

It is clean, it is orderly, everything works, the bus arrives when it is supposed to and leaves when it is supposed to. Top it off with, people are nice.

No, top it off with: for some reason the guy at the front desk gave me an upgrade, and I am in a suite on the top floor.

And I might have written that my travel bug was cured too early. I am already fantasizing a bit about where next.

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