Monday, June 16, 2008


It's Monday and I don't want it to be Monday. I want it to still be the weekend. It's going to take some serious mental effort to get me into work-mode this morning.

Friday started with a date with the enemy - a realtor and vacation-home owner from Lanikai. There were so many strikes right off the bat - he's a realtor, and I spend my days fighting with land speculators. He uses his home as a vacation rental. We prosecute guys like that if they try it in Conservation Lands. And he lives in Lanikai, a Stepford-community that is one tsunami away from being paradise.

Lucky for my soul, there were no sparks. It was a pleasant enough evening - there weren't any bad sparks either.

Saturday morning practice was nice and hard. We did sprints, and sprints, and then some more sprints. We kept our Novice A lineup (Eli, Mark, Me, Joe, Scott, Lucas) for most of the runs. A new guy, Mike, and Kaiwa sat in for Scott on some of the runs. The boat felt so fast, so strong ... we were all set for Sunday, so sure that we would do well and make up for last week's average performance.

Yeah. Didn't happen. Sunday morning we took a line on the wrong flag, and cut diagonally across the race course. We were fast, we were strong, and we collided quickly and mightily with two other boats.

It was ugly, there was lot's of cussing, and we were dq'd. It hurt. We really could have placed. Our steersman took it hardest, as he was the one who took the wrong sighting. We finished, and stayed together the rest of the race. At one point it looked like we could still make a decent showing, but we were in the wrong lane and had to brake to let a boat pass so that we could get back over.

But it was a beautiful day in Kailua, and we couldn't pout for too long. We had more scratches, and didn't put in some of our strongest boats, and in the end only the Women's Open 4 scored points. I'm not sure what happened - the first two regattas it looked like Kamehameha was going to put on a decent season.

We had a barbecue after, and that was fun. Steve made a killer jamabalaya, Scott grilled some dogs, Keola and Lucas played ukulele, Aka, Diane, and Roz danced, and beer and wine made everything better.

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