Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Doh! The biggest news, of course, and the one that I keep reflecting on every couple hours, is that our crew took third in Sunday's regatta. That is the best we've done, ever. We're actually competitive.

Look, ma, I'm a contender! I've never said that in a sport before. Never even come close (except for the one fluke day in 1984 where our sculling team kicked Notre Dame's ass, but we all knew that it was because we got lucky and caught a fast running inside current ... we were the D Team. We didn't even merit a uniform, and Notre Dame was internationally known).

This was an honest win.

I sat in one, stroke, for the first time in a race. The first 1/4 mile was awful. My mouth was dry, I couldn't breathe, I was getting tired too fast, I was thinking it was a mistake to ever put me in that seat. I felt better the second 1/4 mile. I became more responsive to the crew, whom I could feel behind me. And when we made the turn at the 1/2 mile flag, and realized that we were ahead of most of the teams, something clicked inside. Wa`a lele we flew through the last 1/2 mile. Waikiki Beach Boys and Kamamalahoe still stayed a good five canoe-lengths ahead of us, and it will take serious work to close that final gap.

Men Novice A Results
1 Waikiki Beach Boys 08:11.3
2 Ka Mamalahoe 08:11.6
3 Kamehameha 08:45.3
4 Manu O Ke Kai 09:00.4
5 Kumulokahi-Elks 09:22.0
6 Lokahi 09:27.0
7 Windward Kai 09:33.0

Eil steered for Lucas, who was out. I replaced Eli as stroke, Mark moved to 2, and Joe joined the canoe. Aka and Scott filled us out. All seven of us, I believe, are here this coming weekend in Ke`ehi. I don't know who Roz will put in the crew - there are now seven of us, and six spots. It's a hard choice. I'm glad I don't have to make it.

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