Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mid Season

This summer is going by fast.

My life has been pretty much reduced to bike / work / bike / paddle or gym / play with cat / eat / jelly battle / sleep.

Weekends were simpler: Eat. Paddle. Sleep. Repeat.

I've been too tired to do much else. I was going to blame it on age, but ... nah. But something had to give - my house was a mess, I wasn't going out with friends outside of paddling, and my cats were acting love-deprived.

So. No more gym for the season. I'm big enough. And it's been a bit of a luxury - I actually go home and cook dinner now. I have time to fold my laundry instead of tossing it on the couch. And I could (if I wanted to) actually have a social life again!

In theory, at least ... I haven't really put that into practice. But my dance card is already half full for the next month, so I'm feeling alright. This weekend we'll be camping out at Maile as part of the regatta. July 4th is Allen's annual bash. July 14 I organized a group of 15 to see Peter Rockford Espiritu's new show, Waikiki Nei. Two weekends after Allen has organized a group of 25 (!) to see Rocky Horror at the Manoa Valley Theater.

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