Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yakudoshi, Month 5

So far my Yaku-Doshi, my Year of Calamities, is going pretty damn well. I need to start blogging the good things more, instead of just when I'm irritated.

Of course, usually when things are going well I'm out and about rather than sitting by the computer.

Our Novice A crew is still in contention for States. It'll come down to the Hui Wa`a championships in two weeks. Roz promised us a relatively easy week this week, followed by a hard one after. Yikes. So far Waikiki Beach Boys and Kamamalahoe are guaranteed a spot. The third could go to us, Windward Kai, Manu O Ke Kai, or Lokahi. We've consistently placed, while the other teams have been up and down, so that's a good sign.

I bought my tickets for Miami, Rio Va`a, and Buenos Aires. I haven't convinced any of my core dancing buddies to go down with me to Miami yet, though I'm still working on it. I'm still in touch with Shane & Victor (Just Circuit) and DJ Bugie; Ron is going; and Madame Lim says she is but I'll believe that one when I see the ticket stub. I don't know if any of the Rio Va`a guys will lay over.

For Rio, so far Rudy, Eli, Pam, and Phil have bought tickets. Roz and Jake are definite. Lucas is working on it. We have two canoes, so we'll need nine men and three women - I'm not sure yet who the others are. There are a lot of names, but again: I'll wait until I see the ticket stub!

And Buenos Aires might be me solo, which I'm fine with. Donyelle might fly down to join Eli, and they might come over also, which would be cool.

Work is work.

My house is a mess. I try and clean, but end up making a bigger mess. C'est la vie.

The dating scene here remains tragic. The gay Waikiki scene still bores me. I have been going out more, though, now that I've dropped the gym from my schedule. I went out Downtown with Tom P, Jason, and (Ed? He's leaving anyways) last Wednesday & had a good time. Allen's 4th was fun if ultimately tragic (one of our team members got too drunk and became sexually aggressive with every man, woman, & transsexual that crossed his path before finally passing out face first in the mud, in the rain).

And, after fifteen months, I shaved my hair off. It was getting pretty long, and I told myself that I would grow it until I could pull it back in a pony tail & then decide ... but I couldn't handle it anymore. Once in awhile, with enough product, it looked good. Usually it just looked crazy. I found myself trying to flip some curls up over where the lines were receding, and tried hard to ignore that this was a serious warning sign ... but I finally faced the facts: it wasn't sexy. Or, it was only sexy for an hour or two out of every week. And so I took out my old Long's clippers, popped in the 9mm attachment, and set to work.

I thought I would be sad, given how long it took to grow out & knowing that I would never attempt to grow it that long again in this life.

But it felt awesome. So awesome that I kept going, shaving my chest and doing a bit of manscaping. I like fur on others. It's just not for me.

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