Thursday, July 10, 2008

Speaking Softly

I got the best compliment this morning. It's time for our Neighborhood Board to elect officers, and Mrs. ___ is lining up votes to get me in. I'm being rather passive about it. I've got my issues (or rather, one singular issue: I want my bike paths!), but I have no interest in all the inside political games. The Board is a classic example of how the people with least power (us) will fight the most viciously over it.

But tonight I'm ready to be a punk. I even dressed up nice to mitigate the impact. I'm tired of the Chair letting the meetings wander all over the place, and I'm tired of devoting an hour each meeting listening to the Divas getting run-downs from the police on every Joe who stubs their toe in Kapi`olani Park.

So. I let Mrs. ___ know that I'd be calling points of order every time the Divas get us off track. Oh you do that, she said. Your good at that. You speak so softly and nicely, no one realizes until after that you were making fun of them.

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