Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 22: Day of the Maggots

On July 22, at the last minute, City Council Member Ann Kobayashi filed to run for mayor at the urging of Senate PresidentColleen Hanabusa and ex Governor Ben Cayetano. It was a surprise move, especially given that there didn't appear to be any challengers to the seat.

Duke Bainum, Arkansas millionaire, just happened to be in Hawaii and just happened to rent an apartment in her district that day and just happened to register to vote that afternoon and just happened to hear the news in time for him to head down to city hall and file his papers for the seat. What a surprise, there didn't appear to be any contenders. Rumor is they started planning this at the funeral of Hanabusa's brother this past February.

Kobayashi and Bainum deny colluding. Both parties are full of shit.

Rather than let Bainum get a free ride, Mayor Mufi Hanneman convinced House Majority Leader Kirk Caldwell to quit the House and run for Council. When he filed his papers he was one signature short, so a clerk at City Hall added her name to Caldwell's petition. The mayor had his aide, Chrystn Eads, file to run for Caldwell's seat, but she didn't get the paperwork done in time.

Geoerge Waialeale, who I serve with in the Neighborhood Board, filed also, but pulled out when Caldwell entered. Now there's an investigation into the clerk's action, Caldwell might be out, Bainum is unopposed - he just bought himself a council seat - Hanabusa is securing her base for a run for governor, and Democracy takes a tumble.

What shocks me here is the arrogance of these people, and the complete contempt they must have for democracy and for the people of this state.

Ms. Hanabusa
Mr. Hanneman

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