Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday II

Just slashed my finger open while cleaning the cuisinart blade. Cleaning is dangerous.

It's raining hard. Perfect timing. My poor garden was dying. Luckily the rains held until after the Hui Wa`a Championships yesterday.

And ... we missed scoring by two seconds. As usual, we were two seconds behind the next canoe. There have been so many two-second Sundays this year; if any one of them had gone differently we'd be in.

This time, though, it was a B Team that beat us. Imua. They haven't been scoring at all all season, and suddenly there they were at the finish. I asked where they came from ... and it turns out they moved their B Team up for this race. 'Cause it wasn't enough to win their division, right?

But Windward Kai beat us solidly yesterday, by ten seconds. In the end we tied with them and Manu Kai for third. It's cool that they're going to States, and fair. But ahhh we were so close.

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