Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Night Before

We had a decently hard practice today, and I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon away afterwards. Spent the evening trying to remix some electro funk. It's not coming along.

Our Novice A crew, though ... it feels strong. Lucas is out this week, so Eli is moving back to steer, I'm up to stroke, and Joe is in the boat. For once, I'm not anxious about the race in the morning. I'm eager. I've been ready since last Monday, chomping at the bit to see how we do in Hale`iwa.

It's a strange and new feeling. I've always been B-String , the boy in the dugout who gets to play a token inning in the 9th, . I've never been a contender, at least not for anything physical. I think I might be setting a new land record for "late blooming."

The lineup tomorrow is MC, Mark, Aka, Joe, Scott, Eli. It'll be my first time stroking a race.

I'm bringing Emily and Donna (from Fananu) up to Hale`iwa to watch. I talked to Rommel, but they guys all have basketball practice. I really want to get the Pááfeng guys involved, but it will be a slow process. One day I'll get them to watch. Then a second day. And, someday, they'll make a decision to come with us.

It's still a communal group. I won't get one. Tiomen will wait until there's consensus, and then bring the guys over. I'll be patient until then, and take it step by step. These guys, though - they grew up on the water. Their fathers were navigators. They could bring so much, and also preserve so much that might be lost with the life they're living.

One more hour to fuck around, and then I crash for the night ...

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