Sunday, May 11, 2008


I woke up at 10am, feeling pretty hung over. I'm not sure why, since I didn't drink last night. This must be some Pavlovian reaction to Sunday mornings.

Yesterday's practice wasn't even that hard. We ran (which sucked as usual), did our core workout, then did a half a dozen 10-minute runs out in the ocean. I was stroke for half the time, but felt pretty good. We rigged the canoes afterwards, and I was home by 1pm.

And yet, was exhausted, as usual on a Saturday. It was as if we had had our normal killer workout. All I can think is, blame the sun. We were outside five hours, and I wonder if that's what drains me more than the actual workouts. This is my typical outrigger weekend ... work out hard Saturday morning, nap all afternoon, early dinner, bed early, wake up late Sunday. Regatta season starts in two weeks - so Sundays are going to be taken also. Good thing I just had three rock&roll weekends in a row. It'll be awhile before I get any again.

I might still be recovering from the wedding. We had two pretty solid nights of all-night drinking. That can take it's toll! I finally downloaded the pics, and will post those soon.

I wanted to today, but I got roped into going to a Micronesian Mother's Day picnic at Ala Moana. And ... I am just not in the mood. It promises to be excruciating. We'll sit around, and eat, and eat, and eat. That's a Micronesian party. I'm bored already.

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