Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day

We took fourth in the season's opening regatta! This is the best we've done during the regular season, and ... it feels good. It's nice to be battling with the lead canoes rather than the trailing ones.

Eli (stroke), Lucas (steer), MC, Aka, Scott, Mark

Lucas is gone next week, so I'm not sure who we'll have instead in the canoe.

Men Novice "A" Results
1 Ka Mamalahoe 7:43.39
2 Waikiki Beach Boys 7:49.43
3 Manu O Ke Kai 8:17.20
4 Kamehameha 8:25.67
5 Kaneohe 8:43.18
6 Kumulokahi-Elks 8:44.41
7 'Alapa Hoe 8:45.30
8 Pukana O Ke Kai 8:50.30
9 Lokahi 8:50.96

Next weekend is Hale`iwa, and if we stay focused we should be able to pass Manu O Ke Kai. I'm ready.

It was a good weekend overall. Kamehameha hosted, so we were busy from Friday evening to Sunday evening. Friday we paddled Manu Kai from Kamehameha to Ke`ehi. Saturday we set up at Ke`ehi. Sunday was race day. Sunday night we cleaned up and then cracked the beers. I was set to leave early, to sneak out the back, but I'm glad I didn't. We melded more as a team that night, and some of the divisions between the WYC guys and Kamehameha slipped away. Integration is a process, and we made some major progress this weekend.

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