Friday, May 16, 2008

Donuts are Bad

Or maybe vog is bad. Or donuts and too much coffee too late in the afternoon, combined with sprints on the Ala Wai on a day where the vog is so thick that the air seems to shimmer, is bad.

The upshot is that I upchucked in practice yesterday. We were doing time trials. I felt fine going in. The first 1/4 mile sprint, and it was like I was smoking again. I just couldn't get a full breath. After the 1/2 mile sprint, I tossed a little. I tried to make it subtle; I just leaned out close to the water and made like I was spitting. Only Geoff noticed.

Then I realized it was all going to come out.

Made it through the next two mile sprints, and then I had to wimp out and tell the coach. I wasn't even sick, is the funny thing. It was just, my body wanted those donuts out.

Lesson learned. No Donuts before Sprints.


Anonymous said...

why is it all of this fun stuff happens while I'm away on the mainland? AH :)

Michael C said...

Nah, I was very subtle about it all (I hope). No projectile vomiting, just a bit of delicate purging. Most didn't even notice until I had to raise my hand and say "Coach ... I'm not feeling so well."