Monday, January 19, 2009

Fast Day 2

Wow, I've been a spaz today. I channeled it, for once - filled up two more boxes for Goodwill; moved a shelf outside; removed all the louvers and washed them for the first time in many, many years; removed all the plastic from the windows (I put it up to keep the cool air in, but I never use the air-con these days); dusted ... I finally finished the "deep cleaning" that I keep talking about. I think I need to plan out more of these four day weekends. Three should be enough, but really, I think I need four a couple times a year. I use up all my vacation days traveling, and I forget how nice it is just to take one here.

45" 'til the sun goes down. I'm hungry!

It's amazing how long a day is when I'm not eating, snacking, or effin' off online.

Had Maika over last night for dinner. I warned him that it would be all veggie, no wine, and that some dishes were experiments. I don't think he was impressed. I tried to do a whole mix of mezes, and most were good individually, but they didn't all come together to make a meal. Others were awesome when I made them (Hamakua mushrooms in yogurt sauce, and roasted peppers in feta) but just so-so the next day. I'll keep experimenting.

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