Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fire on the Water

So for those of you who ask, "how was the cruise?" - my answer is:

There were girls ...

... and more girls ...

(none of these photos are mine, by the way; I took them off the firewater webpage. I'm still waiting on photos from our crew)

... and one drunk twink doing a strip tease to Britney ...

... which would have been more appropriate if the dj's hadn't actually been playing hip-hop all night. Britney was only in his mind.

There was also a band, but I only passed them once on the way to the upper bar:

There were lots faux-hauks on the dance floor. I think these are the promoters.

Then there were guys like this on deck:

We spent most of our time on deck.

Oddly enough, these guys seemed to have been scoring more with the girls than the faux-hauks. "Wee hoo fuck yeah!" must be some kind of mating call that only straight people can understand. And for those of you who have fantasies about what you can do with straight boys when they get drunk ('cause three people have already asked): yeah, some of the guys were getting a bit close and really kind of touchy by the end of the night. Their breath smelled like fresh vomit. It was eau de pas de chance, and not my fantasy. We went to Fusions to dance the rest of the night.

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