Friday, January 12, 2007

Big Day

My first big investigative case goes before Land Board today. It's gone a bit noir in the past couple weeks - every side seems to have a hidden agenda & I keep remembering my boss's first caveat to me: Don't trust anyone.

I can't talk about much online, but my report is K-1 on the Land Board agenda.

Next up: rumors that Hollywoods' rich and famous are getting out of line on the neighbor islands.

Meanwhile, my social life seems to have sparked unexpectedly. Finally. I've either gone out or had folks over most nights the past couple weeks. People have called who haven't called in months, or even years (which is good, since I drowned my phone a few months back and lost most everyone's number). Last night Tom and Steve came over to watch Sunrise [1927] by FW Mernau. I had to order the film from Korea on Ebay, but it was worth it. The cinemetography was stunning [but everyone says that], but even more, I felt like we were getting a secret glimpse into a lost world - both artistically [this is where film was going, this is what it could achieve, before sound] and socially [this is the world that was, this is the country we were before WWII and globalization and before everything became the same].

The story was simple: The Woman from the City (Margaret Livingstone) convinces The Man (George O'Brien) to murder The Wife (Janet Gaynor), sell the farm, and run off with her. I'm not spoiling much - this was all in the first five minutes. But despite the dark opening, the movie was gorgeous to watch. I've only seen satires of German Expressionism, but I think this is the first time I've actually watched an expressionist film. It was beautiful and haunting, and I'll be checking out more.

Afterwards we went to Chiko's, which is always a pleasure. I don't know who the band was, but the bar was full of dancers & the singer seemed to know every one, so we were treated to impromptu hula all night long.

update: That was the good and beautiful side of Hawai`i. I just came back from the hearing and got the ugly side. The defendants have accused me of genocide. This case is not going away anytime soon.

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