Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Use It or Lose It

I thought I was being clever when I signed up for Island Flex - a plan that deducts money from your paycheck prior to taxes, from which you can pay your medical bills.

I just compiled all my bills from the last six months, thinking about what a great windfall I was going to get. But I misjudged, and even after the root canal and a tooth-yanking & a year's supply of ambien I'm not even close to closing out my account. If you could carry things over to another year I wouldn't mind, but the IRS is quite clear that it's use it or lose it.

In other words - I've prepaid too much, & now I need to find a way to get $400 in medical procedures before June 1. That, or the bureaucracy keeps the money.

Maybe I can convince them that a photofacial laser rejuvenation would be prophylactic and not cosmetic.

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