Sunday, August 26, 2007

20 Pics from Paris

I finally uploaded my Paris photos to Photobucket. There are 96, so this is just a sample. They also uploaded pretty randomly, and I'm too lazy at this point to organize them. Most of my pics are from the Louvre. The museum blew me away - it alone was worth the price of the trip to Paris.

Too bad I didn't take notes. I was overwhelmed by all the beauty and history, but damn if precious little stuck beyond a lingering sense of awe.

So ... this might be Zeus. I think he's Zeus. I'm not sure who the kid with wings is.
I loved the French Neoclassical painters. I had never even heard of most of them before this morning. This a detail from La Mort de la Femme de Darius.
The Seine at night.
On my last day I stumbled upon anti-Sarkozy protesters setting up a barricade. I joined them, and catch myself humming tunes from Les Miserables.
Spring hadn't quite arrived at Versailles yet.
An ancient Isis, looking quite modern.
And mummy-cats!
A very life-like Etruscan sarcophagus.
Hercules and some other kid.
A carousel in the Jardin des Tuileries.
The Jardin in the rain.
Winged Victory. Most of the Louvre was not crowded, but there were thousands of tourists with Da Vinci Code Guidebooks streaming like ants past The Five Things You Must See in the Louvre (Winged Victory, Venus de Milo, La Jaconda / Mona Lisa, and fuck if I know what else). I hated them. The ants, that is.
Entry to Mesopotamia.
Theseus takes on the Minotaur.
After 20-some hours in flight, I arrived in my 30-euro cubicle.
Outside Notre Dame. I never went in, cause the line was too longMy first march! The Simone de Beauvoir Society lets us know that le machisme tue tous les jours. Machismo kills!
My friendly neighborhood crepe makers. They were very nice and always pretended to understand my French. They never once scowled or made me repeat my order in English. But then again, jambon et fromage, s`il vous plait isn't that hard to get right.
Fashion mixes with politics.

Next up: Jordan!

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