Monday, August 20, 2007

Victory at Sea

Final results: We placed 39 out of 42 canoes, with ten other canoes not accounted for. I'm not sure if they dq'd, didn't finish, or withdrew before the race started. For sure, though, we finished ahead of three canoes from New Hope Paddling Ministries. So, we're not last, and - though New Hope guys are always gentlemen, it's still fun to say - We beat Teams Jesus!

The Advertiser confirmed that conditions were rough this year. From the steersman of Outrigger's winning team (at 3:01!): It was victory at sea the whole way. It was just crazy. The roughest I've ever seen it in a long time.

I'm glad that it wasn't just us!

Next up: Henry Ayau in mid-September. It's a longer race, from Hawai`i Kai to Nanakuli. The coaches have already let us know that we need to ramp up the conditioning even more to get ready for that one.

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