Friday, November 02, 2007

A Moose in the Pot

Ron's father came through, and brought over a 1.5 kg sirloin tip of moose.

I had trouble finding recipes online. All the hunter's recipes were variations on pot roast: add potatoes, onions, carrots, and moose to a pot. Boil. Serve.

I hate pot roast.

Epicurious had nothing. The recipe exchange on Tribe was no help. So I called mom. Hi mom. How do I cook moose (with an 'o')? I thought this might faze her, but she came up with sauerbraten and knifles within seconds.

Which: perfect. It fits in with how I cook, where it takes me three days minimum to cook a meal. It's kind of traditional and reminds me of childhood - though we would have had a regular hunk of meat from the farm in the pot, and not wild game. And I get to try my hand at some traditional food - knifles are a Norwegian noodle that I loved as a kid, and it would be great to get the technique down (it involves pouring the batter on an inverted plate held over a pot of boiling water; the batter drips of the end of the plate & forms the noodles).

I'm sure I'll make a Katrina-sized mess trying this, which also fits into my style of cooking.

I've been marinading the moose in wine and vinegar for the past two days. I'll try my hand at the knifles tonight, and cook the meat. Tomorrow I'll make a cranberry relish, a cardamom applesauce, and the ginger gravy. If I could find lefse on this island the meal would be complete.

It'll be a small group: Ron, Sumner, Dave, and a friend of Ron's who's new to the island. Add wine and champagne, and the holidays will have officially begun.

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