Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nocturnal Perfume

I came home tonight and the air was thick with scents - my lime tree is in full bloom, the alahe`e and pikake have flowered for the first time all year, and somewhere in the distance a night blooming jasmine is perfuming the entire neighborhood.

This rain has been good. My greens are looking strong, although I was worried that they might be too fragile to stand up to the down pour. They did fine. Even my daun kari, my curry leaf tree, is looking perky - and it has never once looked perky, no matter how much I water, in the two years since I planted it. Maybe now it will finally grow more than eight inches tall (some tree, eh? It should be a couple meters by now). I'm even hoping that my pomegranate will give some juicy fruit again.

But the rains ended two days ago. Too early, for me ... they could have gone on all week and I'd have been happy.

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