Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Revised Egypt

At some point I'll need to go to bed tonight, but I think I had way too much coffee at work. Memo to self: Water good. Coffee good, but dangerous.

Been working on Egypt, based on the vacation dates I actually got rather than the ones I only fantasized about.

Updated Nov 20 to fit in time by the Red Sea

Dec 29-30: Munich
Arrive 4 pm Sat / Depart 8am Monday

Mon-Fri: Cairo
Mayfair Hotel
Dec 31. Arrive 2pm. Settle in. Explore Zamalek.
Jan 1. Explore Islamic Cairo (al Azhar, Qayn al Basrayn, Beit al Sihaymi).
2. Pyramid Fields at Saqqara and Dahshur.
3. Wadi Natrun.
4. Museum; Islamic Cairo II (Masjid Ibn Tulun, Masjid Sultan Hassan, Bab Zuweyla) or Coptic Cairo

---Mon, Wed, Sat: Sufi dervishes at Salaheddin Citadel
--- Cruise Marriot Hotel
---al Hakim, Khan al Khalili
---Wed: Mahazer plays at Makan (video here - Mahazer plays zar, a pre-Islamic women's trance music).
---Check al Ahram or el Sawy for listings.

ﺑو ﺴﻣﺒﻞ
Sat: Abu Simbel
5. Temples of Rameses II and Nefertari

: Aswan. Coptic Christmas
Keylany Hotel

6. Aglikia / Temple of Isis. Elephantine or Sehel Island.
7. Monastery of St Simeon, Tombs of Nobles.

Tue-Thur: Luxor.
Ras as-Sana / Islamic New Year
Senmut B&B or Nefertiti Hotel
Fly to Luxor. Luxor and Karnak
9. Hike Tombs of the Artisans, Valley of the Kings, Deir Bahri
10. Abydos (train/bus)


Fri-Sun: Dahab
Penguin Village or Bishibishi
11. Fly to Sharm / Taxi to Dahab.
St. Katherine's Monastery (closed Fri / Sun) / Mt. Sinai
Camel Trek! Ras Abu Galum?

Monday, Jan
14: Fly to Munich
8am fly to Cairo / 2:45 pm / 5:25 pm

Tuesday, Jan 15: Fly Home,
Leave 9 am, arrive 8 pm

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