Friday, March 14, 2008

1947 - Weekend in Vallejo

I can't find much information on who these guys are. The YouTube tag only tells us that Harold T. O'Neal and a few friends make the trek to Vallejo for some fun at buddy Cal's riverside cabin.

It's so mundane, yet totally fascinates me. Maybe because it's video proof that a world which we were told is a recent invention has been, in fact, around for much longer. We get too much of the image of gay men and women cowering in fear and confusion before Stonewall, and we get it from the left (who will never let us forget our oppression) and the right (who denied we existed before 1969).

So it's nice for me to see that queens have always been having parties.

It's part of a series of films that the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco have been converting to digital and posting on their YouTube GLBT History page.

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