Saturday, March 01, 2008


Season 2, Day 1

Just came back from a two hour practice. This is the official first day, and I went with a heavy heart, thinking it might be the last, also. And I can't even exaggerate how important this team was for pulling me out of my funk last year. I had my application in to join the UN Peace Keepers in Kosovo - I was just over Hawai`i and ready to leave on the next plane. This is what kept me here, and kept me happy.

But I just got my finances under control, and have been doing good at putting myself on a more rational budget, and this stupid ruling from the Board comes along - non Club members can only paddle for a year, then they join or they're out.

With no initiation fee it's 70 bucks a month, but paddling is free (except for elective race fees). So over the course of a year the Yacht Club membership comes to $840, while just paddling is $530 (regatta and distance). It's doable, and who am I kidding? This is my team. I saw 'em today and, fuck, I can't just leave. Some of the working class guys aren't sure of their budget either, and it would be sad if they had to leave. A lot of the women already bailed.

But if they charge initiation also that's an additional $750, and then I'm fucked & will be joining Kapena at Koa Kai.

So it still sucks, we just don't know how much yet, but for now we're still together.

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