Friday, February 29, 2008


I'm still in a bit of a daze from my last email. I just logged on before crashing, and Allen had sent it four minutes before.

The Yacht Club voted to only let members paddle. Which means: most of us are out. I can't afford to join the club. Or rather, I'm not about to cut my budget down to afford it. I have zero interest in the place other than that they sponsor my team.

We're supposed to start tomorrow. I was ready. I was looking forward to being back with our Novice A's, the guys I trained with, the guys I did Moloka`i with. I'll go tomorrow, get the scoop, but will be looking at other clubs. Scott A is an outrigger member, and I think Chris and Eli are. The rest of us - is it just Phil, Lance, Scott L, and myself? - are out.

Of the gang? Jake is in. Not sure about Dave and Rudy (who is in Brazil now, setting contacts for the Rio race). Jeff isn't, though he's in DC for the season anyway. I don't think Allen is. Or Roz - how does that work? Maybe I'm wrong there.

I know Kapena is going to Koa Kai, and I guess they're an option. Lokahi sounds too aggressive - a lot of guys were jumping ship from them to WYC. I've met a few of the guys with Waikiki Beach Boys, but they're a lot more competitive. I don't think Kumulokahi-Elks or Kamehameha do long distance, so that's out. And those are the only ones I know in my neighborhood.

This sucks.

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