Thursday, February 28, 2008

5:00 am

We got the first batch of photos from Swamp Romp. This is us before the race:
Not too bad for an ungodly hour.

And I won't be posting the latter pics. Or I'll wait for better ones to come in. We all look so ... soft ... in the pictures. Maybe it's because we're surrounded by marines & everyone would look soft in comparison, maybe it's the light and the angles, maybe it's because the photographer was evil & photoshopped muffin-tops onto us. I don't know. I just know that our teams were made of athletes: marathon runners, paddlers, guys who stay in shape and hit the gym.

And yet you wouldn't know from the pictures. If it was just me I'd blame it one the standard gay body dismorphia; but either I'm projecting my own dismorphic tendencies on others or ... or ...

... or I'm not as ready for White Party as I thought. Really, that's what it's coming down to. In general, I want to be in shape. Occasionally, it's important to look in shape. Apparently they're two separate things.

I have six weeks left. So it's back to the gym, hard. We paddle four days a week, so the only way to fit it in & get some muscle back is to go before work. And so this morning I set the alarm for 5:00 am and made it to the gym shortly after 6.

I've tried this before, to work out before work. It seems like such a great idea, yet I've never lasted more than a week at it. We'll see how this round goes.

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