Friday, February 01, 2008

Back to Life

I am finally feeling normal again. Next time I look at a cigarette I need to remind myself how long it takes to kick it. Not that it's over - I know there will be a couple roller-coaster weeks ahead - but at least I got over this hump.

The weekend was cool. I spent two days in Kaua`i, and reconnected with Carlos after a couple years of minimal contact. Cost-Co still lists us as married ... but that was over (if it really happened) four or five years ago. Sunday we hung out, Monday I spent the day in the field, and Tuesday I flew to Moloka`i for more site inspections.

I felt mostly human then, but ... not all systems were in working order. Now they finally are.

I'm coming up on my first rock and roll weekend of the year - three parties, two paddles, a surf, and a practice run with the Swamp Pigs. If I make it through this, and I should, I ought to be good for another month. After this, the next hurdles are Big Tom's party Feb 17. Then it should be smooth sailing until April.

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