Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fat Tuesday

I've been a total media junkie all week, following every poll and every candidate hiccup. I keep checking the news, even though I know the first results of all the primaries and candidates are hours away.

And for all that, I don't even have a favorite yet. I'd say the odds are 60% I'll vote for Hillary, 40% for Obama. Hillary is tough, and has shown she can get difficult legislation passed. On the other hand: I've got Clinton fatigue, I worry that she's too much of a hawk, and I thought her campaign in S. Carolina was dishonest & was an early sign of how she would govern.

Obama has a fresh energy, and I like his background, but ... really, I can't say what he's done, he whined his way to victory in S. Carolina, I don't like his "I've been shouting for Jesus for twenty years," and I really, really dislike the way some have elevated him to Sainthood. I want to like him more than I actually do. I keep waiting for him to really show me what he's got.

I'm getting whiplash from going back and forth on who I like.

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