Friday, February 29, 2008

The Hallmark Candidate

All the pretty people like Obama:

And I am officially creeped out.

After 9-11 you anybody who criticized Bush or his war or the Patriot Act was labeled as being against mom and apple pie and the flag and the country. Those who aren't with us are against us.

I get the same vibe from Obama followers lately. If you criticize Obama you are against hope and dreams and puppy dogs. You like to kill unicorns and would piss on the end of the rainbow.

At least the Catholics wait until people are dead before they make 'em a saint. This guy has been elevated and he hasn't even done anything yet. His speeches don't even say anything. They're as vague and non-threatening as a Hallmark Card. I mean, he's a local boy who rose up through the Chicago political machine. I like him. It's just his followers that are creeping me out.

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