Thursday, February 07, 2008

From Russia, With Love. Or Something.

Once in awhile I get these random emails from guys who've seen me online. Here's one from a 29-year old guy in Russia. My guess is I'm one of several hundred who got this. I'd post the pic he included, but I'd lay money it's not him.

I do not know, that to me now to write, I for the first time try such dialogue of dialogue, from me up to you huge distance,

but it pulls me to your structure more.

Riddle, you for me a huge riddle, you for me that the man which I want to subdue. I for you the interesting the guy? I have interested you in the structure?

I wait from you the answer to my e-mail

I am interesting to you, how the young and lonely the guy for my years? I wait from you for news my far idol.

As you can write me the electronic address what I have sent to you more about myself!!!!!
Lonely riddle for Internet Alexey:)

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Anonymous said...


I also got the same message. After 3 weeks of communication, the money thing came up. It might or might not be him on the lovely photos. After some homework, I am convinced that this is scamming.