Friday, March 28, 2008

Last Dance

We got the crew line-ups for this weekend's iron race. Mixed is Roz, Victor, Mark, Regan, Agnes, and Alex (they pulled all the best guys!). Open Men is Dave, Eli, Lance, MC, Ole, and Rod. One Novice B and three A's - it'll be a challenge.

And that will be it for Waikiki Yacht Club. They've been extra-pissy since Roz gave an interview on one of the news stations about our situation. Honestly, I'll be glad to move on.

Our new home is Kamehameha, which is based near the McCully Bridge on the Ala Wai. I think they have ten guys, and we'll be bringing in around twenty, though it's hard to keep track of who's sticking together. There've been a few surprises, for sure. A lot of our most experienced guys have moved to other clubs - though we have continued to pull experienced guys from Lokahi.

Still, all in all, it feels like we're a really new and young team. But we're a team, and most of us are still together, and our best guys could probably make a really competitive canoe.

We'll know how we pull together tomorrow!

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