Friday, April 25, 2008

Recovery, Finale

Somebody needs to put together a Men's Guide to Circuit Recovery. We push our bodies to the limit; it takes some time to return to normalcy.

It's Friday afternoon, just under a week since the music began and 4 1/2 days after the dj spun the last song. I feel normal. I've felt pretty good since last night. I still feel a residual glow from the weekend, and have a feeling that this one might last awhile.

Day 1 - Sleep, Eat. We wake up after an impressive six hours of sleep. It's the most we've had in days. There's no music thumping in from windows and shaking the room. The hall is quiet. The pool is empty. The New York boys get on the plane; Gary and I drive back to Long Beach. The theme of the next 24 hours is: nap. eat. nap. eat. nap.

Day 2 - Sleep, Eat, Think About Sex. Still napping and eating, with a twist. Now I want sex. Badly. I think of all the men I flirted with over the weekend. I want them. Now. Too late, though; I'm on a plane. I land in Honolulu and text every lover I've ever had who still lives on the island. Suddenly I'm ravenous. I go to St. Louis Drive Inn and order a Japanese Bento Deluxe. I devour it in seconds. And want more. I raid the fridge. Cheese. Yum. Gulp. Ice Cream. Gulp. And, temporarily satiated, I fall asleep before anyone returns my texts.

Day 3 - Work, Daydream. Back to work. I feel like I'm under water. My hearing is still a bit shot. I'm too lethargic to get much done. I wonder if I'll ever feel normal again. I skip the gym. I discover DJ Alexander's podcast. He's my new favorite DJ, by far. His set was amazing. Let the Music Use You Up ... the sound track in my head won't stop. When I get home I refuse to rest until I've downloaded Rosabel's mix of Tamia's Me ... and I can still see my mec singing along to it on the dance floor. The image makes me happy.

Day 4 - Thursday: I piss off a bunch of Hillary Clinton supporters in an online discussion, and and earn a lecture on the rules of civilized debate from the moderator. Canoe practice is hard. The air is smoky with fumes from the volcano, it's our first day of sprints, and I can barely breathe. I feel like I'm on a mountain and there's not enough oxygen in the air. I'm gasping like carp in a hyper-trophic pond. I haven't smoked regularly since mid-January, and haven't even touched a cigarette since the end of February. Is this pay-back for the weekend? Don't know. We go to Varsity for Roz's birthday after practice. It's ... so not the glamorous scene I just left. It's cement floors and crappy bathrooms and drunk college kids and bad music. This is not my beautiful life. Two beers later, however, I'm having a great time. Beer. That's all it took. That was easy.

Day 5 - Friday: All systems are functioning and back to normal. Yeay!

So the big question is, can I handle both Miami and Rio Va`a? I think so, though I might have to pace myself a bit better the final Sunday in Miami. So: Yeay!


Z said...

Yes u can
I did it in the past

Michael C said...

Good to here. Are you up for doing it again?