Saturday, April 12, 2008

Windward Kai Iron

The Masters Crew: Rod, Phil, MC, Ole, Lance P, Rudy

It was a good crew. We took 2nd in Masters - finally, we get some points for Kamehameha.

For me, it was a return to form: hyper the night before, nerves the morning of. We went from the Magic Island buoy to Honolulu Harbor, back upwind to near the Diamond Head buoy, then back downwind again home.

We had a strong start - but the top tier canoes still shot ahead fast. It was unreal; we were going fast, I thought ... but they just disappeared into the distance before the first turn. I was a bit sore, a bit thirsty, but alright. We were in the second pack, of about six canoes. Don't know how many were behind us.

Running to Diamond Head most canoes went outside, so it was us and Lokahi inside. We'd creep up on `em, but never managed to pass.

And downwind felt great. It was a nice change after the last race, where we just could never get a glide.

Still was sore, though, and tired. I slept most of the rest of the day. We ate bento and drank at Kamehameha afterwards. Roz agreed to let us race as masters next week in Hale`iwa, which we weren't scheduled to do originally.

But arrgh, there's no I in us ... I'll be dancing in Palm Springs. Which will be awesome, but ... I hate missing my team. I joked aroung that, whoever takes my seat is only renting it ... but the sad truth is that the race after (May 3) I'll be in Ann Arbor for Jeff's wedding. There are races at Ke`ehi and another in Hale`iwa that we're not signed up for; we'll have to sweet talk coach into letting us go, and I'll have to sweet talk my way back into the canoe after missing so many practices in the next two weeks.

I'm glad we're out of Yacht Club. It was nice pulling the boats up, then being able to grab a beer and chill right there. It felt more like, eh, we're one team on our turf and not the bastard children who have to go play out back and out of sight.

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