Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Our clerk is out, so we've been answering the phones all day. And it was a day full of extra-special callers. And by special, I mean "rode the short bus to school."

So tonight I work late (I'll sleep in too, it's not like I'm a martyr), and try to pump out as many permits as I can so that I can leave to Palm Springs and play without guilt.

And it's shaping up to be a lovely, decadent trip.
  • Gary made reservations at a spa in LA for us Thursday. Massage, facial, pedicure, manicure ... I've never had all those all at once.
  • Then we'll head to the store and stockpile our wine for the weekend.
  • Next up, dinner with his boyfriend and his hairdresser (he asked me not to laugh when he told me this, but ... I laughed. Sorry G) at el Coyote. El Coyote looks like a LA-Mexican dive. It's tamales and top shelf margaritas, not pechugas con huitlacoche or tequila completo. But it's where Sharon Tate had her last meal. I can drink to that. And the hairdresser? Also cuts Dita von Teese's extensions and parties with her at the Viceroy. And yes, I had to google Dita to see who she was. Had to google the Viceroy to. The internet makes it so much easier to fake hip.
  • Thursday we crash at the boyfriends. Who's a designer, and has designed the furniture in the guest room. Nice.
  • Friday: Hit the outlet mall, then head into the desert. We join Drew and the fourth member of our party, Richard, at the Wyndham. Gary and I dress up nice for dinner at Le Vallauris.
  • Then we hook up with the rest of the New Yorkers, and strip down for the first party: Joe King at the Wyndham Ballroom. It ends early, at 4am, so we'll get some sleep the first night.
  • Saturday it's Tracey Young at the pool, the official White Party with Rosabel at the Convention Center (with RuPaul, Flava, and Jeanie Tracey ... and us in white berets. I look like top chef more than cool French guy in a white beret, but I'll do my best to project some attitude), and Alexander at the afterhours. The night ends at 10am the next morning.
  • Sunday it's Manny Lehman at the Park, then Tony Moran at the closing party.
  • Monday we sleep. Tuesday I fly home. Wednesday ... this time next week ... I'll be back at work.
I'm exhausted already! The last trip I took I ended up sleeping on the ground in the Sinai desert, huddling under a blanket trying to shield myself from the cold desert wind. This desert trip might be the polar opposite of that one.

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